Air Gym

air gym kids party

This is an exciting course for the young adrenalin junkies.

Designed with safety it is erected 4 meters above the playcourt. With safety being all important you will be harnessed and then coupled to a rail above – and there is a safety net below.

There are 8 disciplines to test your skill and balance

  1. Start off on the balance beam
  2. Then tread carefully across the wobbly bridge
  3. The see-saw beam is next
  4. Then step from one pendulum to the next to get across
  5. From there you will have to swing across the monkey rings
  6. And cross over the zig-zag bridge
  7. Then cross over on the floating platforms
  8. The final leg gives you an option to swing across on the tarzan rope or crawl through the spider’s web

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Unhooked from your harness you take the chute back to ground level.

Use of the airgym  be strictly controlled by 2 banana crew at all times.